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Keep up to date with our weekly safety meetings and most important news. Each week we have a short meeting to present safety hazards and dangers to be aware of in the work place. Some of the smallest accidents can become a safety issue or even a life threatening situation. It's important to keep our employees aware of these situations and to keep them knowledgeable of how to face a hazard when it happens. Follow us on Facebook and Flickr to see our most up-to-date news posted each week!

Gas Cylinders

Content Update - CNC Machining

Monday, August 6th, 2012

We have a full size high-speed CNC machining department. We are able to cut most metals, shapes, and sizes. We constantly check our tools for wear and tear to ensure that every product is made to perfection. If you are looking to add text or artwork to your order, please take a look at our product finishes.


Visit: CNC Machining

Gas Cylinders

Safety Week - Sleeping Giants

Tuesday, July 31th, 2012

This week we covered the facts and safety about gas cylinders. It’s crucial that they are securely harnessed when they are being used or stored. If a cylinder gets knocked over, it can potentially be broken at the cap. Pressurized tanks hold gases at about 2216 psi which can go flying out of their 1 inch hole and cause tons of damage if they take off like a rocket.


“Treat me with respect – I am a sleeping giant.”


Safety Week - Housekeeping

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

This week we retouched on our 5s standardization for lean manufacturing. This standardization includes methods like sort, straighten, shine, standardize and shine. With all these combined, we can keep the shop clean and organized. That allows production to keep busy without the hassle of searching for tools and products. So, just like your parents tell you to clean your room, we are doing the same! 


Safety Week - Fireworks

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

This week we simply discussed the hazards of fireworks that occur on Independence Day. We were warned to be smart and to not blow off our limbs! Some of the key points are to not hold fireworks, have water ready in case of a fire and to make sure one person is lighting at a time. I hope everyone was safe and survived another Fourth of July!


Improvements - Work Instrutions

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Our goal at Gompf Brackets is to create products efficiently and precisely every time, for every order. To maintain a system of quality, we are creating a set of controlled documents. These documents comprise of detailed step-by-step instructions with tables and pictures for each part that comes through the door. Any operator could essentially recreate the parts exactly as they have done before. If there is an improvement to the procedure, the work instructions are evaluated and updated to match those changes. Here is for another week of strong improvements and goals met!


Safety Week - Heat Exhaustion

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

We are heading into the summer soon again and the temperature should be rising! *fingers crossed* To avoid any heat exhaustion, stay hydrated and keep the body temperature down. We will be turning on the blowers and opening the doors on those hot hot days. Heat exhaustion can cause dizziness, muscle weakness, nausea and in extreme cases… even death :( So, stay cool out there!


Safety Week - Welding

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Another one for the eyes this week… welding safety! Welding sparks and the light emitted can quickly damage your eyes if you are not wearing the proper gear. If you notice somebody welding, be sure to keep your eyes away until they are finished. Also, be aware of surrounding surfaces that can bounce hazardous light into your eyes. If you are the welder, do your best to let others know you are welding. If you can, set up the welding walls around you to block the light and proper vacuums to ventilate the fumes. Don’t forget to wear welding gloves, the materials you are welding can be extremely hot and damaging if they enter your pores.

Screen Printing Guide

Content Update - Screen Printing Step-by-Step Guide

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

The screen printing process transfers text and artwork onto a product through a screened material. This screen material is created from an applied film that creates small dot patterns for the ink to flow through. Depending on size and separation of the dots, printing gradients can be adjusted for boldness. We can do up to 4-color separation printing processes on a variety of product surfaces.


View: Screen Printing Guide


Safety Week - Emergency Eye Wash Stations

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

This week’s safety meeting concerns how we care for our eyes beyond our personal protection equipment. If something happens to get into your eye, let somebody know and get to an eye wash station immediately. We have many eye wash stations in our facility. First use the small 32 fl oz dispensers to flush the eyes. Then if that doesn’t work, use the big system that flushes your eyes for up to 15 minutes! If no success, have someone call an ambulance and get yourself immediate treatment. Our eyes are important, so be sure those dispensers are filled in case you have to fly over and use one in a situation! See you next week :)


Safety Week - Screwdrivers

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012
Our recent safety meeting covered the importance and safety of screwdrivers. Not only should we choose the right screwdriver for the job, like size and shape of the screw head, but even where we place them. When you are not using a screwdriver, they should be placed somewhere where they would not fall on anybody or jab them. Again be aware of the type you are using, you don’t want gnarl up a screw head. Also, if the screwdriver is heavily worn or broken… replace it for everyone’s safety.


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