How our bracket system works...

Gompf Brackets, Inc. implements an organized system of numbering and revision control for each bracket we make. Every new bracket gets a part number assigned to it. If a change to a bracket is made, major or minor, the part number will be revised to show the current revision. This is updated in our system daily so we can look back and see how a bracket has progressed.

You may be wondering what the differences between major and minor changes are. We will show you how they can effect certain brackets. The series of images and notes below details the following:

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Bracket Numbering System

Each bracket produced is given as part number as follows:

Bracket Numbering System

Major Revision Changes

Any changes to the blank bracket will change all brackets made from that blank. This means the cutouts remain the same, but the bracket’s parent blank has changed.

Major Revision Changes includes modifying:

  • The tabs
  • Lengths
  • Widths
  • Material
  • Bend Sizes
  • Threaded Holes

The brackets to the right represent one blank (original) that has been modified in different ways to cause a Major Change. Subsequent changes to a part rev from A to B to C to D...

Major Revision Changes

Tooled Changes

Blank Change - Tooled

Any changes to a tooled blank require a revision change. Since this is a Major Revision change, all derived brackets are affected.

Blank Change - Not Tooled

If the blank has not been tooled, then a change will result in a new ECO on the drawing. It will not produce a new revision. Revision changes only happen on tooled parts (in most cases).

Minor Revision Changes

Any changes made to the cutouts or artwork causes a minor revision change. This only effects that bracket and not any others made by it’s parent blank.

Minor Revision Changes includes:

  • Resizing of cutouts
  • Reshaping of cutouts
  • Adding cutouts
  • Changing Artwork
  • Adding Artwork

The brackets to the right represent one bracket (original) that has been modified in different ways to show a Minor Change. In every case, they each use the same blank bracket. Subsequent changes to a part rev from A to B to C to D...

Minor Revision Changes

Brackets Derived from Blanks

The Blank Bracket is the parent to all brackets derived from it. If you make a change to the blank, ALL derived brackets are changed. (Major Revision Change) If you make a change to the derived bracket, only that bracket is changed (Minor Revision Change).

Brackets Derived from Blanks

Changing an existing blank that has brackets derived from it.

If a customer requests a change that will require changing the blank bracket, and if that blank bracket has other derived brackets that should not be affected by the changes, then it will be necessary to create a whole new blank bracket to accommodate the new changes, and the relevant derived brackets will be converted over to the new blank. After the relevant derived brackets are converted to the new blank, an "Obsolete" note will be added to their old drawings and there will be a reference to what their new part number is.

Changing an existing blank


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